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Multilayer coil inductance calculator:

The most of the similar calculators work using Wheeler's formula, which has acceptable accuracy only when calculating the "optimal coil". Also, these calculators allow calculating just a ready-made coil. This calculator allows calculating the number of windings of the multilayer coil at the design stage. Inductance is calculated by the accurate algorithm using Maxwell's equations with elliptic integrals, see more... You can select measurement units - mm or inches, and also AWG or SWG wire number - the wire diameter will be determined automatically. You can download the cross-platform app Coil64 to calculate multilayer coil offline.

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on-line multilayer coil inductance calculator
Multilayer coil inductance calculator online
Select units:   AWG →   SWG → 

L = – Required inductance
D   – Diameter of coil-former
l   – Length of winding
d   – Diameter of wire without insulation    
k   – Diameter of wire with insulation Automatic

N – Number of turns
n – Number of Layers
c   – Winding thickness
Lw   – Required length of wire
Ω  Ohm – DC Resistance of coil
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