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Simple calculation formulas of coil inductance

Formulas and numerical methods of calculation of inductance coils, which uses Coil32, you can look in the help section of the site, namely:

Here are the simple handbook formulas for the calculation of inductances, which Coil32 does not use, but which can be useful for electronics hobbyists and students.

Straight conductor inductor as a straight conductor inductor as a straight conductor, formula
Parallel conductors (current in one direction)
Parallel conductors inductance Parallel conductors inductance, formula
Parallel conductors (current in opposite directions)
Parallel conductors inductance Parallel conductors inductance, formula
Microstrip line Microstrip line inductance Microstrip line inductance, formula
Coaxial line Coaxial line inductance Coaxial line inductance, formula
Single-layer coil
(l > 0.8 R)  Wheeler's formula
(online calculator)
Singlelayer coil inductance Singlelayer coil inductance, formula
Multilayer coil
(l ≈ w)  Wheeler's formula
(online calculator)
Multilayer coil inductance Multilayer coil inductance, formula
Flat coil Wheeler's formula
(online calculator)
Flat coil inductance Flat coil inductance, formula
Conical coil Wheeler's formula
(online calculator)
Conical coil inductance Conical coil inductance, formula
LH-inductance of equivalent cylindrical coil
LP-inductance of equivalent flat coil

In all equations all dimensions are in meters, inductance in Henry.


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