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Coil on a ferrite rod.

Calculating limitations:

  • The winding pitch cannot exceed the doubled wire diameter;
  • Coil diameter cannot be greater than the doubled diameter of the rod ;
  • Winding length should be less than 3/4 length of the rod;
  • When the coil is shifting it should not reach the edge of the core 1/8 of its length;
  • The initial magnetic permeability of the ferrite should be greater than 100;

Calculator has been recreated at 2017-12-5, please refresh the browser cache. You can download the cross-platform app Coil64 to calculate an inductance coil on a ferrite rod offline.


On-line ferrite ring core inductor calculator
ferrite toroid calculator
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L – Required inductance

Ferrite rod parameters:
lf   – Length of the rod
df   – Diameter of the rod
µ =  – Initial magnetic permeability

Coil parameters:
dc =    – Diameter of the coil-former
s =    – Shift from the rod center
dw =    – Wire diameter    
p =    – Winding pitch  

N =  – Number of turns
µeff =  – Effective magnetic permeability of the rod
lc   – Length of the winding

Copyright ©2017 Valery Kustarev

The calculator is based on the article "The-Inductance-of-Ferrite-Rod-Antennas-issue-3.pdf" by G3RBJ.



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