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The Coil64 program is a 64-bit cross-platform open source application. The use, modification and distribution of the application and the source code is governed by the GPLv3 license. The application is available only for 64-bit desktop Linux and Mac OS and for 32-bit or 64-bit Windows.

coil64 - indactance coil calculator

Minimum system requirements:

  • RAM - 1024 MB or more;
  • Screen resolution - 1152x854 or higher;
  • Required disk space - 25 Mb;

In addition, the calculations and the source code of the Coil64 are synchronized with the Coil32 app for Android. You can download the desired Coil64 distribution from the download page.

The current version of the Coil64 allows you to calculate the following types of inductors:

  • Single layer air core solenoid with the round wire
  • Single layer air core solenoid with the rectangular wire (new!)
  • Multi-layer air core inductor
  • Multi-layer air core inductor with insulating pads
  • Multi-layer air core inductor on a rectangular former
  • Coil on a ferrite toroids (only for low-current RF circuits)
  • The planar PCB coil with square turns
  • Tesla flat spiral coil
  • The app has the additional calculations:
    • inductor on a ferrite rod core;
    • finding unknown permeability of a ferrite toroid;
    • Meander coil on PCB;
    • Search coil for a metal detector;
    • One turn loop coil (round, triangle &  rectangle loops);
    • Influence of the coil shield on the inductance value calculation;

In the future, the other calculations currently available in Coil32 will be added to the Coil64 app. Coil64 corrected errors and optimized calculations, so the results with the calculations in the Coil32 may not match. Support and update of Coil32 application is discontinued.Coil64 ferrite rod

App Coil64 is multi-lingual. The application interface is available in the following languages:

Bulgarian Chinese Croatian
Czech Dutch English
Farsi French German
Greek Hungarian Italian
Macedonian Polish Portuguese
Romanian Russian Serbian
Spanish Turkish  

You can also add to the app your native language. To do this, download the translating file of the app, add the translation after equal sign and send me via Email. Email you can find in the "About" window of the app.

You can configure the application by opening the "Options" menu item. In the first tab you can select the units of inductance, capacitance, frequency. Centimeters, millimeters, inches, and mils are available as units of size. You can select the calculation accuracy as the number of decimal places. You can choose to set the wire diameter by size or as an AWG number. In the second "Options" tab, you can select the application and output field fonts. In the third tab, you can check for program updates and set automatic updates.Coil64 options

In the main window of the app you can select the desired type of inductor, and then enter the necessary parameters for the calculation. In the first tab "Coil" is available to calculate the number of turns depending on the required inductance. In the second tab "Inductance" is available to calculate the inductance of the coil if you know the number of turns. In the third tab "LC circuit" is the calculation of the resonant frequency and other parameters of the LC circuit. Also additional calculations are available from the main menu of the Coil64. All calculation results are displayed in a common output field from where they can be copied or saved to an html, odf or pdf file, as well as printed.coil64 inductor calculator

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