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One-layer inductance coil calculator:

If you need to make homebrew inductance coil for the matching circuit, for an amplifier, for magic crystal radio etc, you have some question:

  • how many turns have the coil
  • which diameter and length of the winding
  • which wire is needed to use

The design of winding you have to choose empirically by the following common advice. Most of the online calculators enable to find inductance of the coil knowing its winding dimensions and number of turns.  This calculator help for you to estimate the number of turns of your homebrew one-layer R.F. inductor or choke on the design stage. The calculator uses Bob Weaver's equation with round wire corrections. The Coil32 for Windows and the cross-platform Coil64 makes it possible to calculate the self-capacitance and Q-factor of the single-layer coil.

Calculate number of turns


on-line one-layer inductance coil calculator
on-line one layer inductor solenoid calculator
Select units:   AWG →   SWG → 

L – Required inductance
D   – Diameter of coil-former
d   – Diameter of wire without insulation    
k   – Diameter of wire with insulation Automatic

N – number of turns
l   – Length of winding
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 Coil64 also estimates Q-factor and self-capacity of the single-layer RF coil.

Below you can see the references to best online calculators by my opinion, that enable to find inductance of the ready-made inductor.



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Coil Winding Machine

US $187.53
The system consists of individual components including a controller, a stepping motor, a foot switch, power adapter and output shaft. This design makes it very easy for you to integrate the system into your own project.

LC Meter LC200A

US $37.99
Measuring Capacitance Range:
0.01 pF - 100mF
Measuring Inductance Range:
0.001 uH - 100H
Measurement accuracy:1%.

RF Inductors

US $6.43
Variable Ferrite Core Inductor coil set 3.5Turns 25-100MHZ

Auto Ranging LCR Meter

US $63.07
Meter can measure 0.00pF to 100.00mF capacitance, 0.000uH to 100.00H inductance and 0.00? to 10.000M? resistance. Very suitable for small value capacitor and inductor measurement.


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