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Conical Tesla Coil

conical Tesla coil calculatorAlthough to put it mildly, I do not share all sorts of metaphysical theories enthusiasts Tesla coils and catchers "free energy ether", that is no reason to abandon the implementation of the calculation of such inductors, especially conical coil, which is often used in such devices. The conical coil can be calculated by the following empirical Harold Wheeler formulas, which Tesla was using:

  • N - number of turns
  • A - diameter of base of cone
  • B - diameter of top of cone
  • H - height of cone
  • W = (B - A)/2 - effective width of coil
  • Z - length of coil (along hypotenuse!) Z = √(W2 + H2)
  • X - cone angle (sin(X) = H/Z; cos(X) = W/Z)
  • R = A/2 + W/2 - average radius of coil
  • L1 = R2*N2/(9*R+10*H) - vertical component of inductance
  • L2 = R2*N2/(8*R+11*W) - horizontal component of inductance
  • L = √[(L1*Sin(X))2 + (L2*cos(X))2] - aggregate inductance of coil

Inductance in µH, dimensions in inches.


But our calculator uses Maxwell's formula in the same way as the flat spiral coil calculator and the multi-layer coil calculator. The calculator was updated 2018/05/02. Be sure to update the browser cache.

Conical Tesla coil calculator
conical Tesla coil calculator
Enter the input data:
A – The base cone diameter
B – The top cone diameter
H – Height of cone
dw  mm – Wire diameter
N – Number of turns

L – Inductance
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