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Assembler and not only...

Tao gave life to machine language. Machine language gave birth to the assembler. The assembler gave birth to the compiler. Now there are ten thousand languages. Each language has its purpose, sometimes modest. Each language expresses the Yin and Yang of software. Each language has its place in the Tao. But do not program on Visual Basic, if you can avoid it.

assembler sourse code

In this short article I want to support low-level programming fans. There is nothing about inductors, only about assembly language and programming. I remind you that Coil32 v4.1 written in this language. The source of this version is available for download , study and use. The required minimum programs to work with source – it: MASM32 v10 and above and WinAsm Studio.

To compile the DLL in ASM you need ASM Editor for Windows and also the batch file . Save it in the BIN folder of the directory where you installed MASM, and in ASM Editor settings set a link to it in the menu item "Build Dll". Assembler is created as a replacement for the binary code that understands the processor. Long ago, in early times, when there was no high-level languages, the programs was created in assembly language.

Many people think that in assembly language is very difficult, almost impossible to create a program. Of course, it is difficult, but very possible. In the dawn of IT, somebody had to make the program in binary code (in HEX-code) and work on the command-line mode. Now there are packages such MASM32 having in its composition all the tools you need to build and compile executable and DLL libraries. System API function call is done easy as in high level languages. A soft WinAsm Studio allows you to make all files in a single project and it’s a good IDE for assembly language with syntax highlighting, code completion, and other goodies. For incremental tracing and debugging software I used OllyDbg 1.10 . To compress executable files very convenient UPX . It is important that all of these programs are free. As a result, now create a simple program in assembly language is no more difficult than in earlier versions of Visual C ++, and perhaps what is even easier.assembler

Of course, to create large projects in ASM - is also that process images in Paint. For this case, there was created programs such as Photoshop, and for the creation of complex software - Visual C ++, etc. However, when you are creating a simple program, Assembler - the best programming language. Argue with me ...


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