Coil32 for Android

Coil32 for Android
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Valery Kustarev
13 March 2019
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Coil32 for Android

Coil32 androidThe version of the Coil32 software, designed to work on mobile devices - smartphones and tablets running on the operating system Android. It works in versions of Android 4.0.4 and higher. Implemented calculation of the four types of coils:

The functionality of all calculations is identical to the Coil64 version of the program. Possible differences in the results are due to the features of the Java-platform, which is the basis of Android-applications. In the calculation of an air core, the single-layer coil is now calculated all the parameters as in Windows-version of the software, including the quality factor and self-capacitance of the coil. If you need to calculate the close-winding single-layer coil, you need to set a winding pitch the same as the diameter of the wire with insulation.
The Android application is multilingual. Now available:

Bulgarian Chinese Croatian
English French Farsi
Greek Hungarian Italian
Macedonian Polish Portuguese
Russian Serbian Spanish

If you can help to add your native language in the application, please email me.


Added ability to select units including inches. The formulas and numerical calculation methods used by the program are described in detail in the help section of the site. The program requires permission to access the Internet to obtain context-sensitive help from this site. The app is adapted to phone & tablet devices both.

The program is available on Google Play. To download tap on the image below if you see it on a mobile. Click on the image or scan QR code by your mobile if you on a desktop. Do not forget to rate the app and leave feedback.

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Coil Winding Machine

US $187.53
The system consists of individual components including a controller, a stepping motor, a foot switch, power adapter and output shaft. This design makes it very easy for you to integrate the system into your own project.

LC Meter LC200A

US $37.99
Measuring Capacitance Range:
0.01 pF - 100mF
Measuring Inductance Range:
0.001 uH - 100H
Measurement accuracy:1%.

RF Inductors

US $6.43
Variable Ferrite Core Inductor coil set 3.5Turns 25-100MHZ

Auto Ranging LCR Meter

US $63.07
Meter can measure 0.00pF to 100.00mF capacitance, 0.000uH to 100.00H inductance and 0.00? to 10.000M? resistance. Very suitable for small value capacitor and inductor measurement.

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