Coil32 Windows Installer

Coil32 Windows Installer
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Valery Kustarev
15 July 2018
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Now we are offering a transition to a new 64-bit cross-platform multi-language application Coil64. Coil32 will not be supported anymore and will not be updated.

Available for download a standard Windows installer. The program is installed in the usual way. Once installed it is visible in the installed programs list. Removing the program should also be made through the applet "Install and Remove Programs" of the Windows Control Panel.


Coil Winding Machine

US $187.53
The system consists of individual components including a controller, a stepping motor, a foot switch, power adapter and output shaft. This design makes it very easy for you to integrate the system into your own project.

LC Meter LC200A

US $37.99
Measuring Capacitance Range:
0.01 pF - 100mF
Measuring Inductance Range:
0.001 uH - 100H
Measurement accuracy:1%.

RF Inductors

US $6.43
Variable Ferrite Core Inductor coil set 3.5Turns 25-100MHZ

Auto Ranging LCR Meter

US $63.07
Meter can measure 0.00pF to 100.00mF capacitance, 0.000uH to 100.00H inductance and 0.00? to 10.000M? resistance. Very suitable for small value capacitor and inductor measurement.


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