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More about the Coil32…

lcrFaced with the problem of calculating the inductors, and search for similar programs in the network, I found that most of the programs or old DOS-based command-line (which is archaic and inconvenient, excuse me the Linux terminal fans), or adapted in MS Excel. This induced me to create this program. Its name: Coil32, says that it works on 32-bit Windows, without the use of special libraries, such as Visual Basic interpreter, Java machine etc. I did it for myself, and if it will help anyone else, I'll be happy.

inductor calculator software

System requirements:Coil32 options

  • OS - Windows XP Service Pack2 or later (32 or 64 bit)
  • RAM - 512 MB or more
  • Screen resolution - 1024x768 or higher

In the main program menu you can select the default language, skin, and in the "Options" item - the unit of measurement of inductance, capacitance and frequency. Dimensions may be entered in millimeters and in inches. Also, you can choose automatic or manual check for updates. In the drop-down menu under the input inductor values can be selected form of the coil. Also you can select the font size and font family of the application .

  • In the "Coil" sheet you can enter the raw data and calculate the number of turns of the  inductor coil to the required inductance;
  • In the "Inductance" sheet you can calculate the inductance of the coil from the known sizes of winding;
  • Iin the "LC-circuit" sheet you can calculate the parameters of the oscillatory tank. In this sheet you can directly change measurement units by mouse-button clicking on it caption.
  • All results are displayed in a common text field. You can save them to a file, copy to clipboard, print immediately. For this is a toolbar on top of the text box or pop-up menu called by right-clicking. All results can be erased and re-start the calculation. For single-layer air core inductor it's possible to estimate Q-factor and self-capacitance and also common parameters of oscillatory circuit with this inductor on working frequency.

Calculation in "Coil" sheet and revers calculation in "Inductance" sheet haven't the same results sometimes. It's not bug. Calculation tolerance and not enough input parameters leds to unequal results.

You can select the standart wire gauge by clicking right button on input field of wire size, AWG or metric depending on program setting:awg choosing

Additional calculations are possible when installing plugins that can be downloaded from this site. There are additional plugins for calculation of another kind of inductors:

  • meandr_PCB – PCB inductor with a meander layout of trace;
  • multi_PCB - multilayer PCB inductor calculation;
  • square_loop – Inductance of a rectangular loop;
  • screen – Calculation of influence of the shield on inductance value;
  • multiloop – Multi-winding round bundle loop for metal detector;
  • multi_rectangular – Multilayer inductor with rectangular former;
  • Ferrite – Ferrite rod core coil
  • Ring permeability – calculation/mesurement of unknown relative permeability of a ferrite ring core;

The plugins each is supported separatly and have independed version control. You can load and delete any plugin by the Plugin manager clicking on item "Check for update" in main menu.plugin managerPlease send your suggestions - what calculations are very necessary, but they are not.

The soft is not intended to be a high precision calculator. Agree, a small program must not set such a purpose. The formulas for inductors calculating approximate the reality, and the accuracy is quite acceptable for HAM designers. Appearance of the program is shown in the picture above. The program allows to select the type of inductance coil , and the left part displays its image. Then, there is an enter field of the required inductance value, and in the next tab there are enter fields of the raw data - sizes of winding, working frequency etc. The resulting data is displayed on the right tab into the text field "Results". It can be saved to a text file with ".rtf" format. The program keeps in memory the last entered data. To reset this memory, you need to select from main menu: "Reset input data" item. Actually, I think that the work with the program does not require much effort . Detailed information on the formulas and methods of calculation is on this site in "Help" section, context for each calculation is invoked from program by pressing the "Help" menu item, which requires access to the Web. I hope the program will help designers to calculate inductors easy.

The program is portable and does not have installer.
To install program unpack zip archive to any folder (even on USB stick) and send link of "Coil32.exe" on your desktop, then just run "Coil32.exe".
At the first start the program create in own folder "Coil32.ini" file to store settings and data. Not any key created in Windows registry.
To remove Coil32 it is enough just remove all files of the program.
If you allow for the Coil32 access to internet in your firewall settings then you will can use context help for calculations
and checking for update. The registered members of this site will be recieving notifications about soft update. Please, add comments about bugs and wishes.
 If you would like to add to the program your native language, please translate himself the file "English.lng" in subfolder "Language"
 and save the target file in this folder with name -  "Mylanguage.lng".This file with ".lng" extention is the simple text-file with UTF-16LE coding. 
 You can edit it in any text editor with UNICODE support, for example Notepad++. The default Notepad also can correctly to work with this file.
 In a next start of the program this new language will be available in menu.
 To make available this language to another users you can send this file to the developer on E-mail "This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.".
 It will be included in next program versions.

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