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Online calculators

Inductance as a straight wire over the plain with one grounded end:

Inductance is used on UHF. Of course, we have to present this inductor as a segment of the transmission line to get the more right result. However, this formula has a reasonable accuracy.

The calculation formula is taken from the ARRL Handbook For Radio Communications:

straight wire over the plain with one grounded end formula

  • L = Inductance µH
  • a = radius of the wire in inches
  • b = length of the conductor parallel to the plain in inches
  • h = height above the plain in inches
straight wire over the plain with one grounded end

Proposed below calculator uses this formula with sizes transformed in the metric system:


b – The length of the conductor
h  mm – The height of the conductor
d  mm – The diameter of the wire

L – Inductance
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Another similar calculators:

Only on K7MEM's site calculation follows the same formula, but has an error: calculator uses wire diameter instead of radius.

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