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Online calculators

Helical resonator bandpass filter.

The calculation is based on the method described in the book: "Handbook of Filter Synthesis, A.I.Zverev 1967 p.499-521", see more...

Helical resonator bandpass filter online

f0  MHz  –  Working frequency
ΔF  MHz  –  Bandwidth-3dB
α  dB  –  Admissible loss in the passband
Ri  Ω  –  Input impedance
Ru  Ω  –  Output Impedance

Qu – Unloaded Q of the resonator
Z0 – The characteristic impedance of the resonator [Ω]
α0 – Estimated losses in the passband [dB]

d  cm – Diameter of the helix
b  cm – The length of the helix
S  cm – The width of the box shield
H  cm – The height of the box shield
τ  mm – The helix winding pitch
d0  mm – The diameter of the wire
N – Number of turns of helix
tapi – Input tap (number of turns)
tapu – Output tap (number of turns)
h  cm – Helix above of shielding wall
K  cm – The height of shielding wall
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