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Online calculators

Tesla flat spiral coil:

This calculator uses J.C.Maxwell's coaxial circular filaments approximation, as well as multilayer inductor calculator.

on-line Tesla flat spiral coil calculator
Tesla flat pancake spiral coil calculator
Select units:   AWG →   SWG → 

L – Required inductance
Di   – Coil Inner Diameter
d   – Wire Diameter  
s   – Gap between turns

N – Number of turns
Do   – Coil Outer Diameter
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This calculator also can be suitable for the calculation of spider coil. Tesla flat spiral coil calculator


There is the handbook formula for calculating flat coil  (Harold A. Wheeler):

L (uH) = r^2 * N^2 / (8 * r + 11 * w)

  • L = Inductance µH
  • r = average winding radius in inches
  • w = width of winding (in inches)
  • N = number of turns

 This formula is used in the calculators linking below.

Another calculators:

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