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Plugin meandr_PCB

Inductor on PCB as a meander structure.

meander formed pcb inductor pcb inductor as a meander

In addition to coils on PCB in the form of a square or circular spirals also there is in the form of a meander. Meander line inductors have lower inductance per unit area than coil inductors. For the calculation of such inductive element is this plugin. The inductance of the inductor is calculated by the following empirical formula:

meander pcb inductor formula


  • L – inductance of meander (µH)
  • N – number of turns
  • a – length of a lead (mm)
  • h – height of the meander (mm)
  • d – width of the meander (mm)
  • b – half of the height h (mm)
  • W – width of the printed strip (mm)

This expression has been obtained by fitting according to a great number of fabricated inductors

Inductance is calculated with accuracy ±12%.

meandr PCB



0 #11 Vincent 2018-01-30 11:32

I want to use meander inductors in my RF amplifier on the top side of the PCB. Should the bottom side of the PCB, so below the meader inductor be coper plated or should I remove the copper? I cant find it anywhere on this website.

Thank you!
Coil32 admin
0 #12 Coil32 admin 2018-01-31 14:17
You have to remove the copper from the opposite side of the PCB facing the inductor

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