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Coil32 - freeware coil inductance calculator

inductance calculator"Coil32" is a free coil inductor calculator, that allows to calculate: singlelayer and multilayer air core inductors, toroidal air core coil inductance, inductors on ferrite rings, in pot core, flat coils on the printed circuit board, and also LC tank parameters. The program have additional plugins to calculate another kinds of coils. There are versions for 32-bit Windows, Linux, Android & J2ME platforms.

Program is multilingual

Now available languages:
  • Bulgarian
  • Croatian
  • English
  • French
  • Hungarian
  • Polish
  • Russian
  • Serbian
  • Spanish


The program is free for usage and distributing.

I hope, that this small application will help for radio-amateurs to calculate various inductors. At last version Coil32 v9.5 are available:

  • Number of turns calculation under given inductance
  • Inductance of coil calculation under given number of turns and coil design sizes
  • Q-factor of air core one-layer coil inductance estimation
  • Inductance of multilayer coil estimate by it resistance to DC
  • Estimate length of wire, that necessary to wind a onelayer inductor
  • Estimate length of wire, that necessary to wind a multilayer inductor
  • Estimate length of wire, that necessary to wind coil on a ferrite ring

This software allows to calculate the following species of inductors:

In all variants, that are below, it's possible to calculate number of turns if inductance is known or inductance if number of turns is known
  • RF air core inductor as single turn loop
  • Single layer close-winding air core solenoid
    Before calculation in initial parameters you can choose two variants:
    1. Diameter of a core and diameter of a wire are fixed, the length of winding is in passing defined.
    2. Diameter of a core and length of winding are fixed, diameter of a wire is in passing defined.
  • Single layer RF solenoid with winding pitch
  • Single layer RF solenoid with pitch, but noncircular windings
  • Multilayer air core inductor
    Before calculation in initial parameters you can choose two variants:
    1. Length, thickness of winding and diameter of wire are known. Number of turns is calculated, the thickness of the coil, its ohmic resistance to a DC and approximate length of a wire for winding (how much it is necessary to cut off) is in passing estimated.
    2. Diameter of a core, length of winding and limiting ohmic resistance of the coil are known. The number of turns is calculated, a thickness of the coil, the necessary minimum diameter of a wire and approximate length of a wire for winding is in passing estimated.
  • Toroidal air core one-layer coil inductance
  • Coil or choke on a ferrite ring
  • Coil or choke in the pot core(ferrite or powder iron)
  • The planar coil (Flat coil on PCB with spiral round and square form of turns and as a single straight conductor)
  • The software have additional modules that allow to calculate:
  • flat PCB coil with meandr form of turns;
  • inductor as a rectangular one turn loop;
  • estimate influence of the shield on the value of coil inductance;
  • multi-winding round loop with round cross-section;
  • ferrite rod core inductor;
  • finding unknown permeability of a ferrite ring;


In what of advantage of this software before analogues?

  • The program calculates inductance of different species of inductor design. It is possible to select an optimal variant, to use available coil-former or recalculate inductor to another dimensions.
  • Coil32 allows to estimate Q-factor of RF single layer air core inductor.
  • It's possible to estimate length of wire what needed to wind onelayer, multilayer coil and the coil on a ferrite ring
  • Results of all calculations are deduced in a common text box, from where they can be saved in a file. Further you can view them and not to recompute again. It is possible to open this file in "MS Word" and to print out.
  • For flat coil inductors on the PCB the program prompts the optimal sizes for achievement of the highest Q-factor.
  • In the Network often there are programs for calculation of coils inductance working under DOS, about advantages of the Windows-interface, think, it is not necessary to speak.
  • It is possible to develop additional plugins for the program to calculate different kind of coils and chokes.
  • The program is free download.
  • Multilingual interface support.
  • The soft is multiplatform. There are versions for Linux, Android & J2ME.
  • Offline calculations with save of result.

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